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by Julian Cubillos

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released March 31, 2015

Produced by Julian Cubillos

Julian Cubillos — composer, vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums
Jay Rudolph — drums, percussion (1, 3, 5, 8)
Tristan Cooley — alto flute (1)
Eric Read — drums, percussion (1, 4, 5, 9, 10)
Levon Henry — saxophones (4, 5, 7)
Dominic Mekky — synths (4)
Hoffa Billz — rap verse (7)

Recorded at 77 Linden in Brooklyn, NY

Evan Vidar — liner notes
Ivy Meissner — photography
Kyle Read — print logo

© 2015 Julian Cubillos [ASCAP]
Released on Tiny Montgomery in NYC :: TM05



all rights reserved


Julian Cubillos Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Strangers
strangers when we met
woven into firmament
haunted there and back again
strangers in the end

every time we cried,
passage forth duly denied
haunted well into the night
robed in incandescent light

i know that's what you want—
hand for a gun, throat for a song
but i can't abide
i really tried, but the heart wants what the soul cannot

if you think of me
out beyond the raging sea
cast it gently from your mind
let the mystery suffice
Track Name: I Only Want to Love You
i only want to love you
from the dust in fields anew,
i only want to love you

time will dry up like water
time will run dry like a river
you tower over like a rainstorm
we lie adjacent to a canyon
we lie, inviting all

but i only want to love

know that i would rather die
for the sake of our final fortune
and not what might

stop me before it kills me.
though i might already be gone,
stop me before i love

know that i would rather die
for the sake of our final fortune
and not what might
Track Name: Dreaming of Babylon
let it go—
love anew.
days of plum and gold
are fading into blue.

all of it is dead and gone;
i am out here alone.
i keep acting like it was a big [redacted] surprise,
but i already knew!

i'll travel out thru a keyhole
and into the deep
far to the outer reaches of Callista
to the CMB

you know i love you so, darling!
but i can't even begin to tell you
how many times i've fallen into
a cycle of poison and grief

...only to dream!
Track Name: I Explode the Bully with My Mind
bully, bully, bully
you lift a finger, i'll hurt you

lover, lover, lover
i really don't want to let you go

father, father, father
whatever happened to piecemeal?
Track Name: The Glacier
Archimedes sat on the glacier
sifting thru the ash of the cosmik tides
for any trace of surrender:
a family, a sender

when he was alone, he was dangerous
when he was alone, he was in his prime
his family rang for a doctor
what met her shocked her

left me all alone at the glacier
never thought that she'd put the moves on me
i'll cut a hole in the ice sheet
and jumpstart the jitney

don't you ever mention the glacier
the chore was never the journey
it's more like forgetting

here it comes, all at once:
i am leveled by you.

i'm gonna know
how it feels
to become someone new
Track Name: She Will
over the hill is a sanctuary
that's where my true lover claims to be
i wanna hold her in my arms
she will elude me, but mean no harm

a world apart: rumpled, strange beginnings
make way to blooming of broken things
i wanna run and hide
the clock at zero, the time is nigh
Track Name: The Leaving ft. Hoffa Billz
all jacked up for the leaving
face is dirty and bleeding
she don't give you a reason to go

you can't hide what you're feeling
little heart keeps a-beating
your whole life is receding from view!

so when you sleep, you feel awake
but when you wake, you start to break
you take a loan out on your soul
just to feel like you're in control

she's swimming 'round inside your head
with all the things that you could've said, like:

' yo! everything we had
is something for which others
hope, dream and pray
...but you're giving it all away! '


you're giving it all away— shout out to charity
you're giving it all away, just 'cus you mad at me
it wasn't for the difference in salary
if it was, then i would've left more casually
it's not about the time that's invested
it's about our minds and how we stressin'
when love intertwines, it's a blessing
but we can't afford all the violence domestic

now check it:

we had something for which people
kill for, steal for, cheat for and lie for
and so i've gotta ask this question:
if you could live forever, then what would you die for?

would you die for love?

it seems that you would - well, apparently
i'm trying to keep up my faculties
i'm riding thru the 'bush with my woes
Mr. Cubillos, he on the track and i lace the flow
that's how it goes

and i don't know
i'm just trying to maintain my composure
and if i don't get any closure
then i might just have to close the book on it
and i don't even put a hook on it
Track Name: Laika Forever
carrying on 'til the day is done
if i carry on, i'm gonna hurt someone

all through the night, just 0's and 1's
if i carry on, i'm gonna hurt someone

every day

i couldn't even wave goodbye, my love
if i carry on, i'm gonna hurt someone

every day
Track Name: Worthless (Don't You Feel?)
don't you feel worthless?
the spool unwound and hit the ground— worthless.
don't you feel ready to break the seal?

don't you feel hopeless?
not like before, but even more hopeless
don't you feel ready to bend and kneel?

the end of the line for a lemon is
the juice and the juice
the juice only brings out what's inside
Track Name: Evil
i can't deny
amorphous time
the ability to provide
an unavoidable rise

you take what you can,
the rest is implied
beside myself in light
i can't be pacified

how feels the light?
more or less right?
and hearts a-beating eye
the death of better times

what was the crime
i committed this time?
in tort, another mile
i break just like a child

i won the prize,
so saith i
it's good to be alive!

and as i stood there, atop the crescent bluff
powdered, bleary — but with the fullest heart
a thousand ships and a thousand more
traced the periphery of my view
and what i saw was ocean:
golden, glassy, and never-before-so-opalescent ocean
"well, maybe now they'll believe me!"

come along with me
come along with me
come along with me
the mystery of life indeed
is that it is free
and what's inside will more than provide
what it is you need

this world can't stop us now!
all the evil in this world can't stop us now.